Imagine an ocean where dolphins and whales swim untroubled.

For centuries this has been unknown to many species.

your help is needed

stop finning

Every year, between 63 and 273 million sharks die as a result of human activity. The exact numbers remain speculation, as there is a lack of reliable data and the worldwide number of unreported cases of illegal fishing is extremely high. Therefore, we jointly support with many other organizations, the EU citizens’ initiative: stop finning – stop the trade!

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Our goal is to convince people that dolphins and whales are worth protecting. Can you help us in raising awareness about the state of their habitat, the world’s oceans? We’d like to be The Dolphin’s Voice locally and globally, online and in person, for school students as well as their parents. We believe that knowledge leads to awareness and awareness leads to change.


HELFER GESUCHT: 16.-18. Juni 2023, Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag, Bad Ems

Für die Meere! Für Nachhaltigkeit! Für eine umweltbewusste Zukunft!

Folgen des Klimawandels: Wald und Meer

Weniger ist Meer! Weniger Verpackungsmüll, weniger Schadstoffbelastung, weniger Ausbeutung der Ozeane.


The Dolphin’s Voice was founded in 2012 with the goal to contribute to protecting dolphins, whales, and their habitat – the world’s oceans – by spreading information and engaging in international projects. We believe that knowledge leads to awareness, and awareness leads to change.

The Dolphin’s Voice is run on a purely voluntary basis, driven by the personal commitment of our members and supporters. Throughout our activities, we try our best to judge emotional topics in a rational way, instead of just following the prevailing opinion.

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our latest school project

Every summer when the ice has melted, hundreds of beluga whales gather in a bay in the Canadian Arctic, where warmer fresh water flows into the sea. There, they raise their young ones, go through the molting process, and mate. But is it the very same belugas that return to this bay every year? Could climate change and the associated changes in sea currents and temperatures affect their annual routine?

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